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schiak1schiak2Shanghai Schiak Testing Machinery Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Schiak Testing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer focusing on the balancing machine and material testing machines. As a professional manufacturer, we are the advanced technology enterprise which is engaged in the dynamic balancing machines and testing machines designing and manufacturing for more than half century. We have rich experience in manufacturing and complete system of inspection and techniques. We once were the biggest manufacturer which made the balancing machines and testing machines with high reputation in the field.

Our history:

  • In 1948, our company was established in Shanghai, China.
  • From 1950 – June of 1991, our name is Shanghai Testing Machinery Works, who is the unique manufacturer of dynamic balancing machine and testing machines owned by the national government, and that time we occupied more than 80% market shares. Also then, we were the key manufacturer which was pointed to replace the imported equipment manufacturer to produce the dynamic balancing equipments by Shanghai municipal government.
  • On July of 1991, Carl Schenck invested in our company and we became the JV of Schenck in Shanghai China with the name of Schenck Shanghai Testing Machinery Corp., Ltd.
  • On July of 2007, finished the share transferring procedures, Chinese Investors purchased all the 50% shares from German Schenck, and we were re-named as Shanghai Schiak Testing Machinery Corp., Ltd.

We have 60-year history. Depending on our advanced technology which we did as well as Schenck German, now the performance of the dynamic balancing equipments, material testing machines and other testing instruments which are self-developed by us has reached the international advanced level. Our machines play a leading role in domestic market. We provides the products, technology and service not only to mechanic industry, architecture, metal industry, papermaking industry, especially in automobile, watercraft, aviation, textile and nuclear power station, and also to the research institutes and colleges as well. In the meantime we also exports the equipments worldwide in countries and areas like America, Japan, Brazil, Iran, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, Egypt Taiwan, Hong Kong and etc.

As all the major technology of the balancing machines is transfered from German Schenck, we not only can provide the balancing machine with Schenck ‘s technolgy but in our competitive prices, but also provide the service or spare parts for the customers who use Schenck’s machine.

Contact us:

Address: No.35,YongFeng Road Shanghai China。

Tel: 86-189 3075 5791

Fax: 86-21-6324 0519

Website: www.schiak-balancing.com



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