Computer-controlled Compressing Machine

YAW series microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic compression testing machine

YAW series microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic compression testing machine is suitable for mechanics test of concrete, cement component, brick and other material. The machine is specialized in construction industry, constructional material trade, science and investigation department, quality controlling department and scientific research institution.

The machine is equipped with hydraulic loading, press-sensor testing load, and microcomputer procession.The machine has automatic and manual loading modes, also has soft and hard over-load protection and limit position protection.

The machine, controlled automatically, performs the whole test process according to the stress rate or preset curve. Loading, rate, time and test curve can be displayed instantly. Whole test process can be complete automatically after inputting the test parameter.

Control software based on the Windows XP system calculates the mechanics capability such as compressive strength automatically. Test report and curve is printable for customers.

type YAW-300 YAW-2000 YAW-3000
max. testing force (kN) 300 2000 3000
measuring range (stepless during the full range, equivalent three steps) 4%~100%of Max. testing force
value indication precision ±1%
deviation of loading rate ±5%
rage of loading rate (N/s) 2.4~5 2.4~10
max. distance between compression plates (mm) 250 350 650
dimension of upper compression plate (mm) φ200 φ300 □300×300
dimension of lower compression plate (mm) φ450 □450×450
max. piston stroke (mm) 120 100 100
max. rising speed of piston in no-load run (mm/min) ≥100 ≥40 ≥40
dimension of main machine (mm) 1106×490×1480 1150×730×1800 800×770×2850
size of controlling cabinet (mm) 570×450×1460
gross weight (kg) 850 2370 3000


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