YQW-160 / YQW-160S Crank Shaft Balancing Machine









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  • Capable for single/assembled crank shaft or common shaft.
  • Sliding device + instant clamping increases efficiency and reduces labour intensity.
  • Up to 15 correction planes of the shaft can be balanced.
  • Crank throw sector to be balanced by vertical mass-removing device.
  • Fly wheel to be balanced by horizontal mass-removing device.
  • Balancing report output can be prepared precisely through printer.

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Type YQW-160 crank shaft  balancing machine YQW-160S crank shaft balancing machine with drilling machine
Weight range of rotor(kg) 16-160 16-160
Max. diameter of rotor(mm) Φ1000 With vertical drilling machine Φ400
With horizontal drilling machine Φ300
With both drilling machines
Range of journal diameter(mm) Φ9-70( standard) Φ9-70( standard)
Φ70-140(optional) Φ70-140( optional)
Max. distance between the flange of universal joint shaft and the center of right pedestal (mm) 1400 With vertical drilling machine 1400
With horizontal drillng amchine 1000
With both drilling machine
Max. distance between the connect flange of the univer- sal  joint shaft and the correction plane(mm) / 900
Balancing speed (r/min) 265/490/860 265/490/860
optional frequency adaptor
Power rating(kW) 1.5 1.5
Diameter of drilling(mm) / Φ10
Torque of universal joint shaft(N.m) 80 80
Precision(g.cm/plane) ≤10 ≤10
Correction plane Standard ≤2 Standard ≤2
Special ≤15 Special ≤15




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