Horizontal Electronic-Hydraulic Testing Machine











LNH series horizontal electronic-hydraulic tension testing machine, which is used to perform the tensile test for metal and non-metal material, is a scientific and testing instrument specialized in wire & cable industry, construction industry, metallurgical industry, scientific research institution, quality control department, university and college, etc.

Main Feature

  • Hydraulic loading, electronic measurement, microcomputer procession, digital display
  • Automatic measuring range switch and maximum testing force keeping.
  • Loading stress rate displaying, sectional area of sample inputting, test data and time printing.
  • Computer data collecting and analyzing system is optional. The test load and curve is instantly indicated. Test results of physics parameter such as elasticity modulus, yield strength and extensibility, etc. can be printed and stored after calculated through computer.
  • Various clampings are optional based on customers’ requirement.
  • All-digital servo control system is optional to perfect and enhance the testing function.
Type LNH-500 LNH-1000 LNH-2000 LNH-3000 LNH-4000 LNH-6000
max.testing force (KN) 500 1000 2000 3000 4000 6000
measuring range (KN) 2% -100% of the max.testing force
valuce indication precision ±1%
time of keeping the loading (min) required by the customer
constant rate movement control(mm/min) 0.5 – 50
the rang of the stress rate (N/mm2.s-1) 2 – 60
the rang of the strain rate (1/s) 0.00025-0.0025
max.distance between the clampings ( mm) 50+piston stroke+ actual displacement 100+piston stroke+ actual displacement
max.distance between the frame (mm) 500 700 800 1000
range of the round sample (mm) required by the customer
thickness range of the flate sample(mm) required by the customer
max.distance of the piston stroke (mm) 600 or required by the customer
max. moving speed of the piston ≥300
in no-loading (mm/min)
adjustable distance between the crossbeam (mm) 500


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