HVB series Hard-Bearing double Plane Vertical Balancing Machine

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HVB series vertical double-plane balancing machines are manufactured with the technology from German Schenck, capable for balancing different kinds of disc type of rotors like automobile clutch, brake drum, flywheel, fan, blade, vane wheel of water-feed pump, etc.

With high precision and efficiency, easy operation, fast readying good stability and man-to machine dialogue, etc. These machines are widely used by the customers. Only a few relevant data should be input into the measuring unit before the test, and the machine can exactly display the unbalance amount and its location on the tested rotor after a simple test run.

Microsoft-based electronic measuring unit like ST690 and ST1103 are fixed with the machine to perform the complete functions. Different supplementary devices such as removing device, rotor fixture and dust-cleaner are available to work together with users’ requirement for the higher production efficiency.

Machine Type & specification HVBC HVBD HVBE
 Max. mass of workpiece (including fixtures)(kg) 10 30 100
 Max. diameter of workpiece (mm) 400 850 850
 Max. diameter of workpiece (mm) 400 540 540
 Balancing speed(r/min) 1200 800 530
 Motor rating (kw) 0.55 1.5 2.2
  Min. achievable residual unbalance (gmm/kg) 4 4 4
 Unbalance reduction ratio (URR)(%) ≥90 ≥90 ≥90
 Number of measuring planes 2 2 2
 Type of measuring unit ST690/ST1103



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