RDB-100B 2- Pedestals Propeller Shaft Balancing Machine

RDB-100B 2-Pedestals Propeller Shaft Balancing Machine









RDB-100B, for single heavy shaft with two pedestals. Right pedestals is locked or unlocked pneumatically. Its unbalance value and phase can be obtained within single run by previously adjustment on the radiuses of two correction planes before starting.

ST1103 measuring unit, a wholly new generation of measuring unit, provides easy and operation with powerful functions. So the wide range of the shaft data can be pre-set, higher precision, stable performance and compensation function, etc.

Welding machine which welds balance piece on the tube can be additionally mounted on the balancing machine to enhance the machine efficiency and reduce labour intensity.

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Type RDB-100B
Mass range of rotor(kg) 5 — 100
Max. diameter(mm) φ130
Distance between left and right pedestal(mm) Max 2400
Machine bed lengthm (mm) 4430
Range of journal diameter(mm) φ130
Balance speed (r/min) 0-3200 adjustable speed. 4800 for over-speed test only
Motor power (KW) 3
Max. initial unbalance  (g·cm) 500
Min. sensitivity (g·cm) 5
Measuring plane 2
Dimension(mm) 4430×740×1000
Option 1.  Welding machine –welds the balance piece on the shaft   TN1-63/160 welding machine
2. Printer-Printing the readout of the test results


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