WAW series Servo-controlled PC analysing Electronic-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine


WAW series Servo-controlled PC analysing Electronic-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

WAW series microcomputer-controlled electronic-hydraulic servo universal testing machine is not only suitable for tension, compression, bending conventional tests of metal and non-metal material, but also for low frequency fatigue test of the material and structure. WAW series is a scientific and testing instrument specialized in industrial & mining field, science and investigation department, quality control department, university and college, etc.

Main Function Feature:

  • Hydraulic loading, high precision pressure sensor, high precision displacement sensor, microcomputer procession, digital display.
  • Automatic measuring range switch
  • Constant rate stress control, constant rate strain control, constant rate piston stroke control and loading force long-time-keeping control, etc. are available through three close-cycle rate controlling function with stress, strain and displacement.
  • impact-free shift between constant rate stress control, constant rate strain control
  • Instant display of test curves as load-displacement, load-time, displacement-time, stress-strain.
  • Automatic hydraulic clamping with reliable and none-sliding holding.
  • Hydraulic and electronic overload protection. Piston and beam limit position protection.
  • Automatically adjusting of load, transmutation and displacement according to the standard.
  • Test result can be printed and stored.
  • Low frequency function as square wave, sine wave, triangle wave or trapezoidal wave is extensional.
  • DOLI-Germany all-digital servo control system is optional to perfect and enhance the testing function.
  • Meeting the technical items of Standard GB/T 228-2010 “Metallic Materials – Tensile Testing at Ambient Temperature



type WAW-100 WAW-300 WAW-600 WAW-1000 WAW-2000
max. testing force (kN) 100 300 600 1000 2000
measuring range (stepless during the full range, equivalent four steps) (kN) 2%~100% of Max. testing force
value indication precision ±1%
time of load keeping (indication value deviation with 0.5% of peak load ) (s) ≥30
max. rising speed of crossbeam(mm/min) ≥300
measuring precision of deformation within ±0.5% of full range
measuring precision of displacement within ±0.5% of full range
the range of stress rate(N/mm2·s-1) 2~60
the range of strain rate(1/s) 0.00025~0.0025
max. distance between clampings(mm) 550
max. distance between two columns(mm) 390 485 560 690 835
round sample diameter(mm) φ6~φ20 φ8~φ35 φ10~φ35 φ8~φ40 φ20~φ70
flat specimen thickness(mm) ~15 ~30 ~40 ~40 ~40
max. distance between upper and lower compression plates(mm) 500 450 550 550
size of compression plates(mm) size of upper and lower compression plates size of upper & lower plate size of upper & lower plate
 □170×170  □205×205
max. distance between two supports in bending test(mm) 500 600 800
max. piston stroke(mm) 150 200 250
max. rising speed of piston in no-load run(mm/min) ≥100
dimension of main machine(mm) 700×540×1735 825×635×2130 950×660×2500 1100×700×2900 1300×900×3240
dimension of controlling cabinet(mm) 600×800×1950



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