ST590 Digital Measuring Instrument

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ST590 digital measuring instrument

ST590 is specifically for balancing double-planes hard bearing of permanent calibration. It designed as modular to keep the superior performance and improve the stability. The shape is simple and the operation is easy. In the manufacturing process,  using a large number of high quality components and materials to ensure that the overall quality of machine. This measuring unit is wide application and it features good performance, long service life, working with low environmental requirements and most users can meet the needs  of production.

Applying to permanent calibration hardware supports double-sided balancing machines. It process measured data when it’s measuring. It particularly suitable for semi-automatic balancing system.

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Scope of automation:

  •  Automatic measuring cycle (with special driving controller)
  •  Control signal input
  • Two-machine interaction operation, and calibrate respectively
  •  Single or double linkage measuring machine
  • 28 stalls range automatic switching according to different unbalance, which can also calculated effective quality correction automatically.
  • Measuring time is optimized by setting tolerance and the greatest  sensitivity
  • With positioning device M466 linkage (manual)
  • Provide remote control function, which will connect the main computer Interface, and can communicate with PC

Technical parameters

  • Range of balancing speed : 180~5000 r/min
  • Standard instruction  reading in the range of a word
  • Technical specifications such as machinery, the value of this measure applies to speed range : 820 to 5000 r/min
  • When the speed range is 180~389 r/min, unbalance can be expanded 100times
  • When the speed range is 390~819 r/min, unbalance can be expanded 10times
  • Sensitivity remain unchanged when the speed within the apparatus
  • Min. achievable residual unbalance: consistent with the parameters of technical specifications, but not quite superior to the standard shown that the extension of multiples unbalance
  • Overall imbalance measuring range:about 1:500000
  • Average measuring time: about 3 seconds(not including acceleration and braking time )
  • Speed display: digital display, four numbers display and 4 accurate to ± 1 r/min, measurements per minute
  • Selection function: print result with printer (optional)


Automatic self-testing after the electricity (can skip),strong interference suppression, automatic measurement when the speed reach preset speed.

  • Provide special calibration procedure
  • Digital display and the result can be printed by printer.
  • Average many measurement results
  • Position with position device M466 linkage according to an angle
  • Six ways of support, add or subtract show, polar or component show or both ways to show
  • Store 100 files of rotor’s data
  • Show static unbalance and couple unbalance, switching metric and imperial units

Optional configuration:

  • Serial Printer (RS232)
  • Loading unit(RS232),automatic driving controller
  • Position device M466
  • Two balance machine systems, photoelectric sensors (DC power supply ), benchmark phase generator


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