ST690 CRT Measuring Instrument

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ST690 microprocessor electronic measuring system 

ST690 is originally from German Schenk company called “CAB 690 unit” .

It is fully functional. It features high precision, compact structure, beautiful shape, easy operation, graphic operator interface. During the processing, using a large number of high quality components and materials to ensure that the overall quality of machine. This measuring unit is wide application and it features good performance, long service life, working with low environmental requirements and most users can meet the needs of production.


Typical features:

  • Measuring dynamic unbalance in two planes. Measuring static/couple unbalance.
  • Automatic balancing correction ratio raise
  • Polar unbalance indication
  •    -in large digits for amount and angle
  •    —in vector form
  • Multiple hole drilling with uneven pitch. Multiple holes drilling in components
  • Continuous readout during acceleration
  • On-screen manual
  • Storage of rotor data
  • RS232 printer port
  • Automatic self test
  • Automatic cycle control (optional)
  • Protocol printout
  • Print screen function
  • Single compensation for eliminating balancing errors
  • Full key or half key compensation
  • Double compensation for index balancing(optional)
  • On-screen electronic protractor
  • Control of the drive to automatically position the rotor(optional)
  • Multiple readout storage and averaging over runs
  • Computer interface


Technical Data:

Measuring System:

Even under the most adverse signal to noise ratios, our wattmerric measuring system achieves a precise unbalance indication. This, in turn, provides for excellent indicating accuracy which can be further enhanced by an averaging routine.

  • Unbalance measuring range : 1:2,000,000
  • Balancing speed range : 120~5,000r/min
  • (Optional one is raised to 120~10,000r/min)
  • Display : colorful LCD
  • Keyboard : Alphanumeric(QWERTY) with sealed membrane keys with tactile feedback.
  • Interface : RS232C(V24) for printer , additional computer interface optional

Power Supply :

  • AC 110/220V , ±10% ,50/60Hz


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