YQZ series Auto-Drillng Vertical Balancing Machine

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  • Specializiing balancing machine for crank shaft by automatic test and correction.
  • Measuring and electronic control unit analyses multi-points unbalance value and phase on each correcting plane and then controls drilling machine automatically.
  • Drilling chip to be collected and processed by chip remove unit which can separate the chips and oil automatically.

For more information, for feel free to contact us.

Type YQZ series auto-driling crank shaft balancing machine
Weight range of rotor (kg) YQZ-10Z 1-10
YQZ-160Z 16-160
Max. diameter of rotor (mm) YQZ-10Z Φ300
YQZ-160Z Φ800
Max. dia. of correction plane (mm) YQZ-10Z Φ150
YQZ-160Z Φ300
Range of journal diameter (mm) YQZ-10Z Φ20-Φ40
YQZ-160Z Φ35-Φ85
Max. distance between the flange of universal joint shaft and the center of right pedestal       (mm) 1300
Max. distance between the connect flange of the universal joint shaft and the correction plane       (mm) 1250
Balancing speed  (r/min) optional frequency adaptor 400
Power rating (kW) 1.5
Diameter of drilling (mm) YQZ-10Z Φ8-Φ10
YQZ-160Z Φ8-Φ12
Torque of universal joint shaft (N.m) YQZ-10Z 15
YQZ-160Z 80
Precision(g.cm/ plane) ≤10 ≤15
Correcion plane 2-8,   upto the max. 12 planes
Cycle time (min) YQZ-10Z 8
YQZ-160Z 6



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